Kompas: Your pocket guide to the world’s urban jungles

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9 Nov

Kompas: Your pocket guide to the world’s urban jungles

An interesting new AI-enabled travel guide app for the iPhone – Kompas:

Kompas bannerYour pocket guide to the world’s urban jungles

Kompas iPhone screenshotSay good bye to the endless planning and getting hopelessly lost, only to end up visiting typical tourist traps and generic cafés in a city.

Our mission is to take the disorientation out of travel and provide a more authentic, and enjoyable form of city exploration using artificial intelligence.

We present you with truly unique and personalised experiences, tailored to your interests. Have fun exploring the world in a whole new way!

Free to download from the iOS app store (with an Android app coming soon), Kompas is aimed at equipping travellers arriving in a city for the first time to find great spots to visit, places to eat and clubs at which to party. It’s a great way to explore the urban jungles of this world. Starting with the cities of London, Berlin and Munich, the app will help you:

  • Explore, plan and discover places nearby, and find friends with similar interests.
  • Find unique, hidden and local spots around a city, get directions and record your favourite moments
  • Plan a day – Create an itinerary based on who you are, and where you are. We take your interests, mood, budget and time into account. No more tireless searching.
    Discover friends and hidden spots – Find out what people nearby are up to, and see where their top spots are. Not sure what you want to do? Use the Newsfeed for inspiration.
  • Learn from tailored reviews – Read reviews from people similar to you, based on interests, and profiles, so you can trust what they’re saying about the places that they visit
  • Filter your options, so you can spend more time in the places that you really enjoy

Recently out of limited beta, Kompas looks to be in the early stages of delivering a new and comprehensive experience for travellers looking for the best spots in major cities.  If you’re visiting London, Berlin or Munich any time soon, give it a whirl.

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