BA launches ‘My Flightpath’ tool for Executive Club members

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26 Mar

BA launches ‘My Flightpath’ tool for Executive Club members

Over the past 48 hours or so, British Airways have added a new option to their Executive Club pages, called ‘My Flightpath’:

MyFlightPath menu

This gives a view on the flight data held by BA related to your account. It has three main views:

1) The Dashboard

This shows some stats on your account:

MyFlightPath dashboard

Plus a timeline for the trips you’ve taken:

MyFlightpath timeline

which can be filtered and expanded as desired.

2) My Countries and Cities

This is a dynamic map showing all flight destinations:

MyFlightpath countries

Clicking on a pin shows more details about the fights taken to that destination:

MyFlightpath Madrid

MyFlightpath Orlando

As you might expect, selecting a region zooms in on that area:

MyFlightpath America

3) My Passport Badges

This section adds a little ‘gamification’ to the site by showing a passport containing badges earnt for the number of flights taken, cities visited, countries visited and miles travelled:


MyFlightpath badges2

There is also a FAQs section containing some useful pointers on how the site works.

In my opinion, My Flightpath is a useful addition to the Executive Club site. The features implemented work well and the user experience is very appealing.

The only disappointment for me is that no partner flights are shown:

The timeline shows British Airways and BA Cityflyer operated flights only, including those booked with Avios. Flights taken with partner airlines are not shown.

I know this is a BA tool, but one of the biggest plus points for the Executive Club scheme is the integration across the OneWorld alliance. I’d love to see a toggle to show/hide code-share flights.

However, it would be churlish to knock this too much – overall, I like My Flightpath a lot…