Avis chops 20% off car hire rates in New Year Sale

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Avis New Year Sale
15 Jan

Avis chops 20% off car hire rates in New Year Sale

I’m always on the look-out for deals on car hire, as it can often be a significant chunk of my overall trip cost when travelling on business. I tend to try both Hertz and Avis on most occasions due to having status in their loyalty programs, but will often check other services should they be more convenient location-wise. Last resort is to look at including the car hire in with flight or hotel bookings (e.g. with BA Holidays), but this tends to write-off any points or status with the car hire company themselves.

Avis have are particularly competitive at present thanks to their New Year Sale, with savings of up to 20% on car hire booked before 5th February:

Avis New Year Sale

Unlock a world of adventure this new year – with up to 20% off car hire. Where do you see yourself … careering around mountain roads or crisscrossing one of our great cities? Whatever you do, you’ll be sure to save on your next trip with us.

Book before midnight on Thursday 5th February 2015 to save up to 20% with Avis.

This offer applies to bookings made from 27th December 2014 to 5th February 2015, for pick up before 16th March 2015.

The offer covers rentals worldwide, and all rentals will qualify for AvisPreferred points and status. Make the most of it while you can.

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